Saturday, November 4, 2017


I personalize and paint rocks. They can range from $10-$30 Contact me for further info

How to Make White Backgrounds for Ebay/Amazon/etc

Under Construction Basic Rundown: 1) Contrast and Gamma, (levels), can be adjusted to fix "washed-out" appearance of photo.

If your camera messes up the white-balance, this can also be corrected "post-process" in Photo Shop w/ Set White Balance eyedropper in LEVELS to "sample" lightest part of background in photo. (And correct the WB based on color temperature of BG "sample").

This is assuming all photo lighting is of same type, (Sunlight, incandescent, all same brand / type of fluorescents, et. al).

Finding right EV compensation is subject to experimentation... (+1 might be too much, or not enough, to compensate for white BG's).

2) Low camera ISO setting, (and MORE lighting), is better than high ISO, (and less lighting), because higher ISO's suffer from increasing "graininess" / "noise" than a lower ISO setting does.

3) "Selecting" out subject / object from BG can also be done w/ Lasso / Free-Select tool, (instead of Paths tool); the important part is that subject-selection is Inverted so that BG can be filled-in w/ contrasting color, (BG fill is created as separate layer above main photo layer, so that mistakes in BG fill can be easily fixed w/out starting all over again...).

Specific Instructions For GIMP Original Image of object: (Note yellowish BG and low contrast).

(Image to come)

Color and Contrast-corrected photo using Set White-Point eyedropper in Levels to "sample" lightest area of yellowed BG.

Set Black Point adjustment-slider to 19 and Gamma adjustment-slider to 0.95 to improve image contrast:

(Image to come)

Same color-corrected, contrast-enhanced photo with addition of Overlay Mode white background-fill layer, set to 88.8% opacity to still reveal some shadow detail.

(Created by tracing calc outline w/ lasso select tool, inverting selection, feathering selection 7 pixels, creating new transparent layer, filling selection area w/ white, and finally, setting Layer Mode to Overlay and Layer Opacity to 88.8%).

(Image to come)

Furthur Instructions Levels dialog, specific Set Black Point, Set Mid-Point slider-adjustments (Gamma), and Set White Point Eyedropper all circled in highlighter.

Like the fact that image histogram graph is displayed in Levels dialog: (Makes setting Black Point level very intuitive...).

(Image to Come)

Another screen-cap showing layers of photo-editing: (Only layers made visible, indicated by Eye symbol, appear in final JPG image-export).

3) Color-corrected and Levels-adjusted image layer.

2) White background fill-layer 1, created by selecting calculator using Lasso-select tool, feathering selection-edges, inverting selection, creating new, transparent layer and filling still-active selection-area w/ pure white, (255 units of Red, Green and Blue).

This layer is set to Saturation mode, (at 100% opacity), to remove remaining discoloration. (Does not affect shadows nor brightness of BG fill, however).

1) Topmost background fill-layer, (duplicate of BG fill layer 1), set to Overlay mode and 80% opacity to brighten BG yet leave a small amount of shadow-detail.

Omni VR Treadmill

I've been thinking about VR and computer parts alike. Should I upgrade my computer and/or go the VR route, or should I focus on console games? It's been a dilemma, so comment below if you have a suggestion. Personally I may decide to upgrade my computer via power supply, video card, ram, and possibly other areas. This would allow me to handle the VR experience. Other VR platforms include the Sony Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream View, and Samsung Gear 2017. My brother has the HTC Vive, and my dad has HTC Vive and Sony Playstation VR. They are too much fun. You are literally connected to a 360 degree view to a 3D world, and you get to interact with all sorts of objects and functions. Price Check Omni VR Accessories: $1044 Omni VR Treadmill: $699 Sony Playstation VR: $349.95 HTC Vive: $599 Oculus Rift: $399 Google Daydream View: $79 Samsung Gear: $90


I have recently lived in Irvine for a few years. I now have moved to Rancho Santa Margarita with my parents. It's beautiful out here. I love being next to the toll road as well as all kinds of stores. The best part is all the nature we're surrounded by. I pay $50 a week for rent, which is $200 a month. This leaves me with almost no money, so I am trying to pick up some change through places on the internet, from home. All in all, I'm happier than before, being away from the city as much as possible.


I love to play Counter-Strike. Comment below if you want to catch a game with me. Here are some shots that I've made that although I have experience, were probably very lucky. Enjoy


Before one of these night stars bops my head and knocks me out, I'll briefly reminisce I have heard stories of people or mostly myself use speech during a R.E.M. cycle. I'm suddenly intrigued to listen to myself talk in my sleep, and I will start recording a few nights to try and study this: "Somniloquy or sleep-talking is a parasomnia that refers to talking aloud while asleep. It can be quite loud, ranging from simple mumbling sounds to loud shouts and long, frequently inarticulate speeches, and can occur many times during a sleep cycle" reads Wikipedia. Generally speaking I remember such thoughts and have had glimpses of abilities to "power up" verbally or energetically against a nightmare. What did I mumble to cast off or make peace with that bad wolf, shark, or figure in a trench coat and fedora? I'll too drift away tonight yearning for that everlasting flight or repeated jumping from tall things, though. And then there's sleep-lust, of course, but it's a rap. Other steps towards mastering your dreams is the path to control and lucidity. Illustrating your dreams into this dimension would be beneficial for that, right? Where do your dreams take you? Don't let wonderment cross your mind for too looooooooong!!

Watching movie, "The Foreigner"

Jackie Chan stars in the 2017 movie, "The Foreigner". I really enjoyed it, as I do most movies with Jackie. The way he acted really exposed his age bracket now, contrasting many grey hair with many loved ones. Unfortunately something goes very wrong, and he puts it on himself to seek revenge. This is where you really appreciate his martial arts and repertoire with the film industry. Thanks, Jackie Chan.

Halloween 2017

This is a special, spooky time of year. Ghosts and goblins are out. I'm out. You can see here I carved some pumpkins with my family, at my brother's apartment. From left: Mom, Dad, Danny, Rob, Ben.

How to Make Work on the PC Easier

           If you are trying to flip between a website and Microsoft Word, or let's say some youtube tutorial and some software, you'll want to check out . In a nutshell, you'll want to either get a program called "Always on Top" via or a DIY (Do it yourself) by getting  "AutoHotKey" using the following line of code: ^SPACE:: Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

          Questions, concerns? Feel free to comment.
          Robert Yessayian

Monday, July 24, 2017

What this blog is about

Tomorrow I am moving from Irvine to Rancho Santa Margarita. My mom says I have a spiritual being and I am introspective. 

I spend my days either working, spending time with family, eating, sleeping, hanging out on voice chat programs, training my parakeets, or playing video games. 

  1. Working

  • I make roughly $**,880 a year.

  1. Family Time
  • Some family events include watching Game of Thrones together on Sundays, where we also eat tacos.
  1. Eating
  • I like to eat cereal, eggs, pancakes, bacon, or toast for breakfast. I like sandwiches for lunch, and chicken for dinner.
  1. Sleeping
  • I like to sleep 8 hours a night
  1. Hanging out on voice chat programs
  • I spend a lot of time on Discord, a voice chat program, talking with people I met who live on the east coast of the U.S.A.
  1. Training my parakeets
  • I have been taking care of a family of parakeets since about 2012. It started with a blue parakeet who ended up getting cancer. We thought it was a bit lonely so we got another yellow bird who happened to be male as well. So, the first blue bird (most birds were left unnamed) passed away and we decided to get another parakeet to make friends with the yellow parakeet. These two did mate and produced 3 young parakeets, 1 blue, 1 turquoise, and 1 green. It was thought that the mama bird, who later passed away, would peck at the turquoise bird. The young green parakeet flew out the door that had been left open and was never seen again. Now left was the yellow papa, and 2 blue and turquoise young birds, and we moved apartments again. The turquoise bird got stuck in our new kitchen cabinet, causing us to call maintenance to let her out. Within time, the yellow papa bird became sick in his leg, and soon passed away. Now left are the turquoise and blue birds, who seem to getting along well enough. They almost look like they may make a couple.

  1. Playing Video Games
  • I play all sorts of video games, and am always exploring new ones. I currently enjoy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Space Engineers, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft.

I plan to get all sorts of ideas together to show my interests through pictures and text. This blog is meant for family and friends, and eventually, the public. I have to make a living, and don't have any room to be wasting time.